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The best-ranked Romanian city in global Quality of Life Index 2019, Transylvanian city Cluj-Napoca and its surroundings are most popular locations to be discovered! Cluj is a buzzing place, with events happening all year long, excellent restaurants, funky coffee shops and bars, beautiful Saxon architecture and a rich cultural life.

Turda sights

“Potaissa”, the ancient name for the town of Turda was a castra in the Roman province of Dacia. The castrum became a municipality, then a colony.  Potaissa was the base-camp of the Legio V Macedonia from 166 to 274.

The Potaissa salt mines originated from the Roman period. Turda History Museum, within five minutes walk, preserves our region’s rich heritage.

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Turda Salt Mine

The surroundings of Cluj-Napoca are also surprising. If you haven’t visited the famous Turda Salt Mine, you should take the opportunity. It is one of the most sought after touristic sights in Transylvania, dating from Roman period, second largest in Romania and famous for its natural temperatures and healthy air quality.

Turda Gorge:
rock climbing, trekking and hikes

Another local attraction is the precipitous Turda Gorge (Cheile Turzii), which is only 8 kilometers from Turda. It is perfect for a half-day hike. Prepare to discover a canyon with 300 meter-high walls sculpted in weathered limestone.  A wide variety of plants and wildlife can be found while exploring and enjoying the scenery.

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Overview for Turda City Break

Fancy a quirky city break in one of Europes oldest Eastern European Cities. Visit the historical, ancient town of Potaissa in northwestern Romania. The city renamed Turda was the birthplace of Religious Freedom in 1568, the home of the Roman Castrum, Roman SaltMine and most recently one of the most successful International Theatre Festivals in Eastern Europe. Stay with us and meet some talented actors, catch some avant-garde theatre and visit some historical sites in the region. Visit our multicultural city and have an authentic Transylvanian experience! You will be hosted at the historic family home of the Ratiu Family, one of the oldest families in the region and leaders in campaigning for the Rights of Romanians and freedom of speech. You will have the opportunity to dine and socialize with actors from the theatre troupes we host during the festival. A true Bohemian experience! During your three day stay, you will visit the Roman Salt mine of Turda, the second-largest in Romania and famous for its natural temperatures and healthy air quality. You will have a private guided tour of the Historical Town Museum dating back to the 15th Century which has one of the largest collections of the Dacian period. We will transfer you to Cluj Napoca where you will visit the Ethnographic Museum for a taste of country lifestyle. You will then carry on to Bontida and visit the famous Banffy Palace, which you will have read in many novels. To offer you that perfect multicultural experience, we take delight in introducing you to the village of Rimetea. While here you will have the opportunity to see a best practice renovation of a Hungarian village and tourism development plan presented by the Transylvania Trust. Last but not least, you will have front row seats during the theatre productions and an invitation to go behind the scenes and meet the cast and crew.

*minimum 10 persons

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